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Imagine, a world where you can do more with the technology you already carry. Imagine, having the ability to increase efficiency and profitability while controlling privacy. Tap-A-Phone makes this a reality by granting mobile devices the ability to exchange information with other systems. All it takes is a TAP!

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Tap-A-Phone provides a revolutionary line of products, changing the way people interact with businesses and each other, saving time and improving communications.


Unlike anything in the market, Tap-A-Phone offers solutions that use a common platform, reducing the total cost of ownership and decreasing the time to market.


If you are a bank, an airline, a retailer, a hotel or any establishment that comes face-to-face with customers, our data analytics platform will provide actionable insights and intelligence.

  • Social Media Engagement

    Reach out to millions of people by inviting customers to share their experiences on social networks. It's never been easier to post a message or an image!

  • Immediate Customer Feedback

    Gone are the days of expensive phone calls and mailed-out surveys. With TAP, your customers are able to instantly provide feedback for the service received.

  • Engaging Customer Interactions

    Be able to respond to customer queries and complaints immediately by receiving push notification updates.

  • Real-time Data Analytics

    Manage your staff and business better by viewing real-time information on what is happening in your business. Use the smart analytics to help enhance productivity and profitability.

  • Customized Solutions

    No two businesses are the same, we can tailor solutions to the unique needs of your business in order to maximize the effectiveness.

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2600+customer interactions

300+star taps

12TAP partners


Pioneering products For all industries

Tap-A-Phone offers common set of data exchange services to a range of applications for restaurants, retail, hospitality, airlines, banks, and the entertainment industry.

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Customer insight In seconds

Through innovative development - our products are completely future-proof with no upfront infrastructure investment. Tap-A-Phone offers customer insight in seconds through dashboard customization, onsite training, data analytics, systems integration, service and support, low startup cost and is technology independent.

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Quick, simple & engaging Interactions

Our vast array of products includes social media engagement tags, customer feedback tags, customer interactions tags, real-time dashboard, and other custom solution offerings.

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Tap-A-Phone’s data transaction platform brings economies of scale to individual applications, allowing them to offer cost-effective solutions to their subscribers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you recieve spontaneous feedback and engaging interactions.